I'm going to create pages of suggestions, thoughts and random ideas about things that could change in law enforcement, government policy and other random things that would make me happy.

Working on:

Driving and traffic

Put sensors on cars that detect your distance from the car in front of you that FREAKS OUT in a VERY ANNOYING way if you are following someone too closely.
Add a function to phones that disables sending texts and emails when the phone is in motion.

You're a dick if you:

Gravitate towards crusing in peoples' blind spot
Autofollow someone because you don't want to pay attention and fuck you with your phone while driving
Slow down in front of people and speed up behind them.  I hate you and I want to get away from you.
Don't get in line.  Don't try to speed past everyone on the way to a choke point and fuck traffic up for everyone.

Gun Control:

Restrict who can buy what guns, not what guns can be bought
Mandate more egress options for public places like schools
Establish a permanent gun buy back program at all pawn shops
Multiply prison sentences when a firearm is involved (ex. Rape = 5 years, Rape + Firearm = 15 years)