I swear... it's such a simple idea. I had the idea to make a boobs page and just toss up a picture of some boobs and things would be all tee hee and awesome. If there's one thing you'd think there are plenty of, it would be pictures of boobs on the internet. And, it's true, there are plenty of pictures of boobs on the internet. They come in ALL SHAPES AND SIZES too... big fat floppy ones, tiny itty bitty ones, and everything in between... big nipples, small nipples, inny nipples and puffy ones too. The selection is absolutely endless! Nipples is an awesome word btw.

So I go on the hunt to find the boob picture somewhere on the internet that I could just JACK, because seriously I have no access to put up a picture of boobs that I made... let me rephrase that: Nobody I know will let me take a picture of her boobs so I can post it on my lame website just for some tee hee boobie giggle page. Anyway, I'm looking around and nothing I am finding is right. It's either super fake boobs, or one's not right like it's not the same shape as the other, or there's some kind of disfiguring mole somewhere that totally ruins the boob picture for my specific purpose. I mean, I'm really digging to find the perfect boob picture to put up. It can't be a picture of boobs that are too old, or too young. It has to be globally appealing boobs, yanno?

Then I start getting paranoid, like begin to realize rather, that my wife's gonna see this page eventually and she'll be all grumpy about the fact that I spent so much time creating a page just for some other girl's boobs. It's a conundrum, I know. I like boobs but is it worth the look of disapproval?

Yes. (It might be worth noting at this point that since writing this page my wife has decided things aren't working out and has bailed.)

So I press on and the more pictures I see, the more I realize this is going to be hard. Something else I am noticing as I skim the Google picture search is that the thumbnails that are most interesting are the ones that aren't actually showing much or any boobie at all. It's like for some reason not actually seeing the boobs is hotter than ogling some straight up "Check out my rack!" picture. I don't understand it either but it's true. Semicovered boobs are hotter than naked boobs sometimes... see through, low cut, open buttons... don't believe me?

Well you might be a freak but I tend to remember every time I inadvertently saw down some girl's shirt and got a good rocking top half view over any of the naked boobies I saw from all of the girls I ever dated or saw in a dirty movie. When it happens you're like "Oh wow thanks!" and you try to forget it because it makes you feel like a creepy dirtbag... well not really but for the sake of not burdening your conscience because you just got rocked by a semi view of some girl that's 20 years younger, shit now you feel old too... Ahem, try as you might not to, you replay that in your head all day. Don't deny it. You totally stashed that downshirt in your spank bank.

Yes these are my real thoughts.

So after having this revelation I knew I'd never find that perfect boobie picture on the internet to jack for my boobie page. I've decided after all that it's the boobs you don't see that are the best and right now you can do as I do and remember that last entry in your spank bank instead of depending on me to show them to you.